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Please note the cost to book a band varies depending on many factors including: Length of show/number of sets, location of show/travel time, is there a suitable sound system provided, is there a qualified sound engineer, what type of event is it (corporate party, wedding, pub show, festival), etc. and most importantly, what is your budget? Are you wanting a full band for 3 hours but only have $100? Keep in mind, each of the band members have to split to total amount divided between the number of hours (travel, set up, performance, tear down). We are happy to work with you but please be realistic with your budget.

Please always provide us with as much information as possible about the event so that we can provide you with the most accurate quote.
Ockham's Razor "Battle of the Bands" with Coming Up Threes at the 2016 Galway Bay Celtic Music Festival (Ockham's first song at 7:00 mark)

Ockham's Razor "Battle of the Bands" with Coming Up Threes at the 2016 Galway Bay Celtic Music Festival (Ockham's first song at 7:00 mark)

67 Music Interview - October 2013

Seattle's hard stompin' Celtic rock band.

Ockham's Razor creates a musical experience, not just a gig. We are a young, energetic band with Celtic roots that blends rock, bluegrass, gypsy, classical, pop and punk influences throughout our music. We include the audience in the show by getting off stage, into the audience and getting them dancing, singing along to the songs and breaking down that 4th wall that many bands put up between themselves and the audience. This creates a memorable experience for the the audience instead of a forgettable evening of "Who was that band?" The Yakima Folklife Festival described our sound as "Turbo-Celtic" and "Ethno-Punk".

Our music appeals to a wide demographic. We perform at all-ages festivals where we have little kids dancing with their parents, college bars where the audience is rocking out and jumping around and regular pubs & music venues where the age ranges from 21 well into their 80's and they come to enjoy the actual music. We believe the older audiences enjoy hearing the traditional songs re-invented in a new way and the young people enjoy that the music has a modern sound. 

We cater our set-lists to the venue and audiences we are performing to. We understand some venues prefer more acoustic music where others are designed more for punk rock. We've designed our music to be flexible to the venue and audience. Just let us know what your venue prefers.

"Báidín Fheilimí"

"Báidín Fheilimí"

"Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam"

"Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam"

"Gravel Walk"

"Gravel Walk"

Hailed as a "cross between the traditionalism of The Chieftains and the hard stomp of The Pogues", Ockhams Razors has brought their hard stompin' Celtic rock and interactive shows to audiences throughout Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho. They've performed over 375 shows including two West Coast tours, opening for Irish music luminaries, The Chieftains and internationally known bands the Young Dubliners, the Paperboys and Enter the Haggis and organized the Great West Coast Craic - Celtic rock experience.

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast named Ockham's Razor as one of the Top-Played Celtic Music Bands of 2016 and 2015. Their album, Ten Thousand Miles To Bedlam, was chosen by Scottish Celtic Radio as Album-of-the-Week in February 2008, their album Wolves in the Walls was named one of the Top 14 Celtic Music Albums of 2010 by Celtic MP3s Magazine, and their music has garnered high praise and airtime on radio stations from Canada, the United States, Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia and Germany. In 2010, Ockham's Razor completed a 10,000 mile tour which circled the entire U.S.

"Job's Comforter" - October 2014 
"Wolves in the Walls" - August 2010 
"Live & Well" - July 2009 
"Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam" - December 2007 
"Self Titled" EP - April 2006


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Past Shows

Festivals & Special Events:
Microsoft Tech Ready 11
Chieftains concert at Merrymoor Park
Northwest Folklife Festival (3 years)
Galway Bay Irish Music Festival (10 years)
Bite of Seattle (2 years)
Friday Night at the Fort (Fort Nisqually) (2 years)
Pacific Northwest Highland Games (2 years)
Tacoma Highland Games (3 years)
Yakima Folklife Festival (2 years)
Prosser Scottish Fest (2 years)
Whidbey Island Highland Games (2 years)
2010 United States tour w/ performances in WA, NY, CT, NC, GA, FL, TX, CA
Downtown Sounds in Bellingham, WA
Rainier Valley Cultural Center
and more...

Pubs & Music Venues:
Galway Bay Irish Pub
Kells Irish Pub
Doyle's Public House
A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub
Tractor Tavern
Biddy McGraws
8th St Ale House
Owl N' Thistle
Blackthorn Tavern
Henfling's Tavern
Finn McCools Irish Pub
Triple Crown
Four Green Fields
The Submarine
Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub
and more...

Radio Stations Heard On

Celtic Music Podcast (Top-Played Celtic Bands of 2015 and 2016) -
Celtic Music Podcast (Top 20 Best of 2011 & 2012) -
KRFP 90.3 FM - The Early Morning Enigma (Moscow, ID) - www.
WGDR 91.1FM - A Northern Tradition (Plainfield, VT) -
WRFG 89.3 FM - The Celtic Show (Atlanta, GA) -
CFBX the X 92.5 FM (Kamloops, BC - Canada) -
KSER RADIO 90.7FM The Celtic Harvest (Everett, WA) -
KMRD 96.9FM (Madrid, NM)
KTAO 101.9 FM Celtic and Beyond (El Prado, NM) -
KAOS 89.3FM (Olympia, WA) -
Radio 2MCE-FM 'Come All Ye' (Australia) -
Pacific Northwest Celtic Music Podcast -
Highlander Radio -
Celtic Music Radio 1530KhZ (Glasgow, Scotland) -
Cleveland Celtic Podcast -
KSKA 91.1 (Anchorage, AK) -
KOSW 91.3 FM (Ocean Shores, WA) -
KBCS 91.3 FM (Bellevue, WA) -
Paddy Rock Radio -
IRFT Celtic Radio -
Accuradio Radio Celt -
KZGM FM 88.1 (Cabool, MO) -
WAZU 90.7 FM (Peoria, IL) -
WUOW 104.7FM (Oneonta, NY) -
The Source WMNF HD3 (Tampa, FL) -
CJUM 1015 UMFM (Winnipeg, MB) -
Celtic Moon on LIVE 365 - www/
Seattle On Hold -
WWHP 98.3fm - "Leprechaun's Gate"

TV Shows Featured On

Ockham's Razor was part of the Celtic Folk Punk and More Sampler in 2013.

Ockham's Razor was part of the Celtic Folk Punk and More Sampler in 2013.