NEXT SHOW - June 22nd

Murphy's Pub, Wallingford WA

We love Murphy's and we know you do too. They've got some challenges coming up with property and we don't wanna see them go anywhere - so with that in mind we're playing a funraiser show where everyone can come along, have a good time, dance a jig, down a pint (or.....2.....) and put your hand in your pocket to help keep Murphy's exactly where it is!!!

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NW FolkLife

Seattle WA

Saturday May 25th, 7pm @ The Vera Project in Seattle - the Razors returned to the FolkLife festival for the first time in 10 years bringing a specially curated set covering all 5 studio albums!! There was dancing, moshing, jumping around and a mighty good time was had by all!!

Secrets & Silence

Brand new double album

The long awaited new album is finally out! 27 new original tracks full of Ockham's Razor's signature joy, energy, passion and grit!

"Absolutely a breathtaking and beautiful album! Not one bad track on this entire masterpiece. Originality, variety and extremely excellent musicianship throughout. Don't miss this one! I seriously love this album!"



We're excited to present the next single from our upcoming double album Secrets&Silence. Available now!