Basic requirements

Please note... all requirements are negotiable and should not keep you from contacting us.

**** PA SYSTEM ****

Adequate for size of venue/audience, 13 XLR channel inputs minimum + any necessary drum mic inputs. (We may be using an electric drum kit. We will confirm with you.)

Entire band uses in-ear monitors which we run off our Mackie DL1608 iPad mixer which Scott Ference runs. At our discretion, we may use stage monitors instead depending on the length of our set. We will let you know before the date of the show. We have a dual trunk stage snake which can feed the FOH snake a signal of each channel. Our in-ears and mixer are mounted in a rolling case which we will need to park near the stage.

We also have our own P.A. system for smaller, local venues. You must notify us ahead of time if we need to bring our own P.A. We will need to know the size of the stage space.

If your venue has its own sound person, Scott Ference will advise of bands requested individual instrument mix. If no sound person is available, Scott Ference will run sound. FOH volume is your discretion however individual instrument mix is per our recommendations. If this is a problem, please inform us prior to booking, not when we show up. Please note Celtic rock is mixed differently then modern rock.

We will provide stage plot upon confirmation of performance.


4 Shure SM-58 or equivalent vox mics (Kris C., Kris M., Danny & Tricia)  on booms (Booms are required due to instruments).

Phantom power for lead singers accordion mic & guitarists condenser mic for guitar amps.

Appropriate amount of drum set mics if necessary. We may bring an electric drum kit which only requires 1 XLR output. We will confirm with you.

Bass amp rig (Can run Bass through DI and direct to board is necessary). If supplying rig, please inform us of the type.

At least 4 to 5 monitors with SEPARATE mix from FOH.

Electrical outlets nearby stage to power pedals.

Storage space for instrument cases, etc during show.

Area to set-up and sell merchandise.

**** STAGE ****

Please note the size of our band. We have played in very small areas before but please inform us of the size of the performance area.



Scott Ference at scott at for any questions.

All items are negotiable.