Secrets & Silence: CD
  • Secrets & Silence: CD

Secrets & Silence: CD

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Physical copy PLUS a free digital download of the album.

(Experience all the artwork, lyrics and puzzles within the CD case plus get a free digital download version of both CDs.)

Disc One: Secrets

  1. Buile Shuibhne (The Frenzy of Sweeney)
  2. Something Beautiful
  3. Morning Bell (The Púca’s Song)
  4. Somewhere Far From Here
  5. Go West
  6. Oscail do Shúile, Part One: Beocaoineadh
  7. King of the Faeries
  8. Forgotten Queens of Ireland
  9. The Cemetery Song
  10. Tonight I Fear Not the Viking
  11. At Swim, Two Boys
  12. Fire in the Kitchen
  13. Oscail do Shúile, Part Two: Pocléimnigh
  14. I’m Alive

Disc Two: Silence

  1. Murmuring
  2. In Paradisum
  3. The Secret Language of Crows
  4. Oscail do Shúile, Part Three: Aduantas
  5. Safe As Houses
  6. Down
  7. The Nightmare Queen
  8. 800
  9. A Stone’s Throw From Jerusalem
  10. Oscail do Shúile, Part Four: Adharcáilí
  11. Evensong
  12. Mother of the Waters
  13. Sweeney’s Dream
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